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Greatest Pilgrimage of Santhals

The Indian Tribal takes you on a visual tour of Luguburu-Ghantabari in Jharkhand, considered the greatest religious pilgrimage of Santhals

On Ground Zero at International Border

Covid-induced lockdowns and resultant closure of schools have badly affected poor students, especially in remote and rural areas, and rough terrains. Mohit Kandhari from The Indian Tribal travels to Jora Farms near International Border, Jammu, to find out the problems faced by Gujjar brings you vignettes of 73rd Republic Day celebrations
5 tribes with the lowest
Hornbill Festival 2021

Hornbill Festival started off with a bang with over 25k visitors in the first 3 days. However, it had to be called off from the 5th day as the situation turned tense and State went into mourning due to the killings of civilians by security forces. Some glimpses of the fest

Glimpses from the Mahotsav that was held from Nov 16th-30th #AdiMahotsav

Aadi Mahotsav at Dilli Haat was a great success. Here are glimpses from the Mahotsav that was held from Nov 16th-30th

A glimpse of Birsa Munda Museum and Memorial Park
A glimpse of Tribal Centric Launches