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April 16 2024

Appropriate action to be taken in Geeta Koda case’

Jharkhand chief electoral officer K Ravi Kumar on Tuesday maintained that BJP candidate from Singhbhum (ST seat) Geeta Koda’s complaint was being probed and appropriate action would be taken accordingly. He admitted that this was the first major complaint received by the election commission, from Jharkhand so far. On April 14, Geeta Koda, wife of former CM Madhu Koda who crossed over from the Congress to the BJP a couple of months ago, and her supporters were allegedly held hostage by JMM workers for over three hours while trying to venture into Mohanpur village in Seraikela Assembly constituency. The villagers were armed with traditional weapons. They questioned where was Geeta Koda during the past five years after being elected. The local administration faced a tough time for her safe rescue. The JMM has since denied the allegations. The Seraikela assembly constituency is represented by senior JMM leader and Jharkhand Chief Minister Champai Soren. It is widely being perceived that ensuring the victory of each of the INDIA bloc candidates during the ensuing Lok Sabha elections is now Champai’s responsibility after his predecessor Hemant Soren’s arrest by the ED in a money laundering case.

April 11 2024

इस साल होगी अच्छी बारिश, सरहुल पर पाहन की भविष्यवाणी

झारखण्ड में प्रकृति पर्व सरहुल की पूजा अर्चना अखरा और सरना स्थल में आदिवासी रीति रिवाज के साथ हुई। बीते शाम हातमा घड़े में जल भराई कर रखने के बाद आज उसे देखा गया। पानी को देख कर भविष्यवाणी की गई कि झारखंड में इस साल मानसून सामान्य रहेगा. झारखंड के चारों दिशाओं में अच्छी बारिश होगी। इस बार किसान खुशहाल रहेंगे और खेती-बाड़ी में दिक्कत नहीं होगी। पांच मुर्गों की बलि भी दी गई। आदिवासी प्रकृति के हर रूप की पूजा करते हैं, और इस समुदाय ने आम जनता से अपील की कि वह प्रकृति से छेड़छाड़ ना करें नहीं तो आने वाले दिनों में हमारी पीढ़ी शुद्ध पानी और हवा के लिए तरसेगी। समुदाय का मानना है कि सभी को मिलकर प्रकृति की रक्षा करनी चाहिए क्यूंकि जल, जंगल, जमीन, पेड़, पौधे, सूर्य और आकाश ये सभी जीवन के अभिन्न अंग हैं।

March 15 2024

Delhi HC notice on plea for UPSC exam centres for tribal aspirants in Manipur

The Delhi High Court has issued notice to the UPSC, Centre and the Manipur government on a PIL seeking directions for setting up exam centres with “adequate arrangements” in the hill districts of Manipur to enable tribal candidates to take the Civil Services (Preliminary Examination) 2024 and the Indian Forest Service (Preliminary) Examination 2024, scheduled on May 26. The matter is next listed on March 19. The PIL also seeks directions for setting up exam centres in Churachandpur and Kangpokpi in the hill districts of Manipur and reopening of application portal/window to enable candidates to opt for the centre of their choice.
February 29 2024

Hemant can’t participate in Jharkhand Assembly budget session: HC

The Jharkhand High Court has refused to grant permission for former Jharkhand Chief Minister Hemant Soren to participate in the ongoing Budget Session of the Jharkhand Assembly. Hemant is presently in jail after his recent arrest in a money laundering case linked to an alleged land scam. The HC said that a person who is in custody on the basis of a valid order will have to forgo his right to participate in the business of the legislature.
February 26 2024

झारखण्ड हाईकोर्ट में हेमंत सोरेन के सत्र में शामिल होने पर फैसला सुरक्षित

पूर्व मुख्यमंत्री हेमंत सोरेन के बजट सत्र में शामिल होने के मामले पर सुनवाई पूरी करने के बाद झारखण्ड हाईकोर्ट ने फैसला सुरक्षित रख लिया है। जस्टिस सुजीत नारायण प्रसाद की अदालत में सुनवाई के दौरान हेमंत की ओर से अदालत को बताया गया कि विधानसभा का बजट सत्र 23 फरवरी से शुरू हो चुका है और 27 फरवरी को बजट पेश किया जाना है। बजट सत्र में मनी बिल पास कराना पड़ता है। इसके लिए बहुमत की जरूरत होती है। ऐसे में हेमंत का सदन में मौजूद रहना जरूरी है। इसलिए अदालत उन्हें सत्र में शामिल होने की अनुमति दे।  ईडी की ओर से कहा गया कि जो व्यक्ति न्यायिक हिरासत में रहता है, उसका संवैधानिक अधिकार भी निलंबित रहता है। ऐसे में  हेमंत को बजट सत्र में शामिल होने की अनुमति नहीं दी जानी चाहिए। दोनों पक्षों को सुनने के बाद अदालत ने फैसला सुरक्षित रख लिया। इससे पहले हेमंत ने ईडी कोर्ट में याचिका दायर कर बजट सत्र में शामिल होने की अनुमति मांगी थी, लेकिन ईडी कोर्ट ने आग्रह नहीं माना और याचिका खारिज कर दी। इसके बाद हेमंत ने हाईकोर्ट का दरवाज़ा खटखटाया।
February 25 2024

Kukis welcome Manipur HC’s deletion decision, Meiteis resolve to fight on

The Manipur High Court’s decision to delete a paragraph from its March 27, 2023 order urging the State to consider including the Meitei community in the Scheduled Tribe list has been welcomed by tribal bodies which termed it a ‘right decision’ while the Meiteis have announced their determination to continue their fight for it asserting it is not just a matter of the judiciary. The March 27, 2023 directive, that led to widespread ethnic clashed between the two communities leaving over 200 dead, was rescinded by a single judge bench of Justice Golmei Gaiphulshillu during a review petition hearing on Wednesday. The contentious paragraph from last year’s verdict, instructing the State to expedite consideration of Meitei community inclusion, was deemed for deletion.

February 20 2024

ITLF threat leads to thin attendance in Govt offices

State government offices in tribal-dominated Churachandpur and neighbouring Pherzawl districts recorded thin attendance on Monday due to the warning issued by the apex tribal body of Manipur. The Indigenous Tribal Leaders Forum (ITLF) had asked government staff in the district to refrain from attending work from Monday over the suspension of a policeman, who was allegedly seen with armed men in a video grab. It had warned that those attending will do so at their own risk. The thin attendance was despite the State home department’s warning that “no work, no pay” rule would be applied if employees go on unauthorised leaves. Markets, schools and private sector establishments, however, remained open and they were not affected.

February 17 2024

7 IRB personnel suspended in Manipur

Days after a mob broke into the camp of the 5th India Reserve Battalion (IRB) at Chingarel camp in Manipur’s Imphal East district and fled with arms and ammunition, as many as seven personnel of the special force have been suspended for dereliction of duties. They have been asked not to leave their headquarters without obtaining prior permission. An order issued by the commandant of the Battalion said the seven personnel were suspended for “grave negligence and dereliction of duties” after arms and ammunition were looted from the camp on February 13. Six people have been arrested and remanded to police custody in connection with the arms looting case. Four Insas rifles, one AK Ghatak, two magazines of SLR and 16 small boxes of 9 mm ammunition looted from the IRB camp have also been recovered.

February 12 2024

झारखंड मंत्रिपरिषद के निर्णय

झारखंड मंत्रालय में मुख्यमंत्री चम्पाई सोरेन की अध्यक्षता में 12 फरवरी 2024 को आयोजित मंत्रिपरिषद की बैठक में कुछ महत्वपूर्ण निर्णय लिए गए। चतुर्थ चरण में अंगीभूत किये गये महाविद्यालयों के एस०सी०/एस०टी० शिक्षकों की नियुक्ति के समय शैक्षणिक अर्हता को राज्यपाल द्वारा शिथिल किये जाने के उपरांत 22 एस०सी०/एस०टी० शिक्षकों का सेवा सामंजन एवं वेतन निर्धारण उपलब्ध सृजित पदों के विरूद्ध डेट ऑफ़ अब्सॉर्प्शन की तिथि से करने की स्वीकृति दी गई। इसके अलावा राज्य के छात्राओं को तकनीकी शिक्षा प्राप्त करने हेतु प्रोत्साहन राशि प्रदान करने के उद्देश्य से “मांकी मुण्डा छात्रवृत्ति योजना” लागू करने की स्वीकृति दी गई। झारखण्ड राज्यान्तर्गत अनुसूचित जनजाति, अनुसूचित जाति, अल्पसंख्यक एवं पिछड़ा वर्ग कल्याण विभाग के नियंत्रणाधीन छात्रावास निर्माण, संचालन एवं प्रबंधन हेतु झारखण्ड अनुसूचित जाति/अनुसूचित जनजाति/पिछड़ी जाति/अल्पसंख्यक छात्रावास पोषण योजना, 2024 के गठन की स्वीकृति दी गई।
February 12 2024

Parliament nods ST status to Paharis of Jammu & Kashmir

The Constitution (Jammu and Kashmir) Scheduled Tribes Order (Amendment) Bill, 2024 was passed by the Parliament, to include ‘Pahari Ethnic Group, Paddari Tribe, Koli and Gadda Brahmin’ communities in the list of STs of UT of Jammu and Kashmir. The Rajya Sabha passed the bill on 9th February 2024 to amend the Constitution (Jammu & Kashmir) Scheduled Tribes Order, 1989 with respect to the UT of J&K. Earlier, the Bill had been passed by the Lok Sabha on 6th February 2024. The Government is committed to the development of tribal communities, while preserving their socio-cultural heritage, said Union Minister for Tribal Affairs; Agriculture and Farmers’ Welfare, Arjun Munda, on the three bills passed by the Parliament to fulfill long pending demand of tribal communities of Jammu & Kashmir. The Gujjars-Bakerwals have been up in arms against the ST status to Paharis. Despite clear-cut assurances, the Gujjars-Bakerwals are apprehensive that Paharis and others will be given reservations from their allotted 10 percent quota.

February 12 2024

Hemant Soren’s wait for possible HC relief gets prolonged

The Jharkhand High Court on Monday (February 12) adjourned the hearing on a petition filed by arrested former Chief Minister Hemant Soren challenging his arrest by the Enforcement Directorate (ED) till February 27. The HC directed the ED to file a consolidated affidavit that will be taken up on the February 27. The HC had on February 5 asked the ED to file its reply to Hemant’s petition. The ED had arrested Hemant on January 31 in a money laundering case linked to an alleged land fraud and a PMLA court had remanded him in the agency’s custody for 5 days. It extended his remand for a further 5 days on February 7.

February 10 2024

President to visit Andaman & Nicobar Islands from Feb 19

This will be Droupadi Murmu’s first visit to the archipelago after becoming the President of India in 2022. During her 5-day stay, she will visit the Cellular Jail, Swaraj Dweep (popularly known as Havelock Islands), Campbell Bay, Indira Point (the southernmost point of India) and interact with various communities and officials to get a first-hand experience about the island. She will also visit Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Dweep (previously known as Ross Island) and watch a film presentation on Particularly Vulnerable Tribal Groups (PVTG) in Andaman and Nicobar Islands and a special screening on Pradhan Mantri Janjati Adivasi Nyaya Maha Abhiyan. The President will also interact with the tribal community on various issues.
February 8 2024

Parliament nod to amend SC, ST lists in Andhra Pradesh, Odisha

Parliament on Thursday approved two bills seeking to modify the list of Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes in Andhra Pradesh and Odisha. While Lok Sabha passed the legislations with voice vote on Thursday, the Rajya Sabha had passed the Constitution (Scheduled Tribes) Order (Amendment) Bill, 2024, and the Constitution (Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes) Order (Amendment) Bill, 2024 on Tuesday. The first bill seeks to modify the list of Scheduled Tribes in Andhra Pradesh while the second one seeks to modify the list of Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes in Odisha. In Andhra Pradesh, three more ethnic groups — Bondo Porja, Khond Porja and Parangiperja — are being added to the list of STs while in Odisha, it will add four groups in the list namely Pauri Bhuyan, Chuktia Bhunjia, Bondo and Mankidia.

February 1 2024

Tribal Affairs Ministry budget hiked by whopping 70 per cent

By allocating Rs 13,000 crore to the Tribal Affairs Ministry in the interim Budget 2024-25, the Modi government has effected a massive increase of 70 per cent from the allotment in 2023-24 when the allocation was Rs 7,605 crore. Of the total amount, the Centre has earmarked Rs 6,399 crore for the construction of Eklavya Model Residential Schools (EMRS) in 2024-25, a 150 per cent increase over Rs 2,471.81 crore allocated for this purpose in 2023-24. The allocation for the Pradhan Mantri Adi Adarsh Gram Yojana has been increased from Rs 300 crore to Rs 1,000 crore. The financial support to tribal research institutes has been more than doubled, from Rs 50 crore to Rs 111 crore. However, the budget allocation for ‘National Fellowship and Scholarship for Higher Education of ST students’ has been reduced from Rs 230 crore in 2023-24 to Rs 165 crore in 2024-25.

January 31 2024

President lauds Govt’s tribal welfare initiatives

In her address at a joint sitting of the two houses of Parliament, President Droupadi Murmu on Wednesday said thousands of tribal villages have received electricity, piped water supply, and road connectivity for the first time over the last 10 years. Through a special campaign, the government is extending 4G internet connectivity to numerous villages predominantly inhabited by tribals. The President highlighted the establishment of the Van Dhan Kendras and the provision of minimum support price for over 90 forest produce, bringing significant advantages to the tribal communities. “For the first time, my government has focused on development of the particularly vulnerable tribal groups. PM JANMAN Yojana with an outlay of around Rs 24,000 crore has been launched for these groups,” she said. She also pointed to the launch of a national mission to combat sickle cell anaemia. To date, around one crore forty lakh people have been screened under this mission, she said.

January 31 2024

ED Quizzes Hemant, CM Lodges FIR Under SC/ST Act Against ED Officials

JMM workers hold protest with traditional weapons and take out rally against ED action | The Indian Tribal
JMM workers hold protest with traditional weapons and take out rally against ED action

Taking the fight to the next level, Jharkhand Chief Minister Hemant Soren on Wednesday filed an FIR under the stringent SC/ST Act against officials of ED, who started quizzing him for the second time, after January 20. While it is said there is general consensus about his wife Kalpana assuming CMship in the event of his arrest, family feud in the family surfaced over the issue. Four JMM MLAs stayed away from Hemant’s meetings after his return from Delhi, and his older sister-in- law Sita Soren told a news channel that she would never accept Kalpana’s leadership. The Ranchi district administration has clamped prohibitory orders in the area.

January 30 2024
Chief Minister Hemant Soren's Wife Kalpana Soren Seated Second From Left

Hemant Soren Resurfaces, Reignites Buzz About Wife Succeeding Him

Jharkhand Chief Minister Hemant Soren resurfaced in Ranchi on Tuesday, a day after he allegedly went “traceless” from his Delhi residence, and met MLAs and Ministers from the ruling coalition. The presence of his wife, Kalpana Soren, in the meeting triggered yet another round of speculation about the possibility of her assuming chief ministership in case of Hemant’s arrest by the ED, whom he will face on Wednesday. The CM had earlier denied such a possibility. “I will tell you everything soon,” he told mediapersons after the meeting.

January 26 2024

It’s time for an epochal transformation: President Murmu

Addressing the nation on the eve of Republic Day, President Droupadi Murmu outlined that India’s youth needs realisation of cherished ideal of equality, and not the same old rhetoric of equality. This apart, her address had it all — from the historic consecration ceremony of the idol of Lord Ram to Bharat Ratna to Karpoori Thakur; from India successfully hosting the G20 Summit to the Chadrayaan and Aditya Missions; from the historic passage of the Women’s Reservation Bill to the country’s economic growth; from government’s welfare schemes like Ayushman Bharat and free ration to 80-crore poor to exciting opportunities in AI and Machine Learning-like technological advancements.

January 26 2024

Jharkhand showcases Tasar prowess of tribals

The State tableau in the Republic Day parade showcased the skill of tribal women in the production of Tasar silk right from moth rearing to cocoon production, weaving and the modern journey of Tasar garments from design to global distribution. Jharkhand is the main producer of Tasar silk in India with its natural abundance of Tasar food plants and favourable weather. It has also applied for the prestigious GI (Geographical Indication) tag for its Tasar Silk.

January 17 2024

Strife-torn Manipur's Moreh tense

Moreh continued to remain tense on Wednesday following multiple gun and bomb attacks on policemen by militants and a face-off between locals and central forces. The gunfight began after militants fired a rocket-propelled grenade (RPG) at a temporary police unit near SBI Moreh. This was followed by multiple attacks by militants on security forces at Ward No. 7 and Chikim village, which are located near the town’s border with Myanmar.

January 17 2024

Manipur: CBI charge-sheets 5 in police armoury loot case

The CBI has filed a charge-sheet against five people in a case of looting of arms and ammunition from police personnel in May 2023, The police armoury at the Manipur Police Training Centre (MPTC) at Pangei in Imphal was looted on May 4, the day ethnic clashes between majority Metei community and tribal Kuki’s broke out in the state. The CBI said that those named in the charge-sheet are Moirangthem Anand Singh, alleged to be a former member of the proscribed People’s Liberation Army (PLA) of Manipur and the Kangleipak Communist Party (Noyon), Keisham Johnson, Konthoujam Romojit Meitei, Loukrakpam Michael Mangangcha and Aathokpam Kajit. They had earlier been arrested by the Manipur Police in September last year when they were allegedly extorting money by wearing police uniform and carrying sophisticated weapons. Their arrest had sparked off a protest that continued for two days and they were released by court.

December 24 2023

Jharkhand outfit demands delisting of converted tribals from ST list

Tribals, many armed, in large numbers on Sunday took out a rally in Ranchi to demand the ‘delisting’ of adivasis who have converted to other religions such as Christianity and Islam from the Scheduled Tribe (ST) list. The ‘Ulgulan Adivasi Ulgulan Maha Rally’ rally was held under the banner of Janjati Suraksha Manch (JSM), an affiliate of RSS-backed Vanvasi Kalyan Kendra. Former Union Ministers Kariya Munda and Sudarshan Bhagat besides Rajya Sabha MP and BJP ST Morcha head Samir Oraon and JSM national convener Ganesh Ram Bhagat attended the rally. Kariya Munda said former MP the late Kartik Oraon had first raised the issue in Parliament.

December 23 2023

Manipur tribal body to seal borders

The Indigenous Tribal Leaders’ Forum (ITLF) has claimed that ithas information that miscreants are planning to disrupt Christmas celebrationsof the Kukis. Hence, it announced that the border between the hill district ofChurachandpur and valley district of Bishnupur would be sealed. The ITLF alsoappealed the people of Churachandpur against moving out of the district betweenDecember 23, 2023 and January 5, 2024. Non-tribals from outside the districthave been told that they are not permitted to move inside the district duringthe said period.

December 19 2023

Robin set to play IPL as its first tribal cricketer

Robin Minz

Promising left handed wicketkeeper batsman Robin Minz has become the first tribal cricketer who is set to play in the Indian Premier League tournament. Hailing from Gumla, the 21-year-old who idolises former Team India captain MS Dhoni is known for his big hitting capabilities. Gujarat Titans picked the uncapped player, with a base price of Rs 20 lakh, for Rs a whopping Rs 3.60 crore. Minz was first spotted by the Mumbai Indians, who facilitated his training in the United Kingdom. The son of a retired army personnel who now works as a guard at the Birsa Munda Airport in Ranchi, Minz has two sisters. He has represented Jharkhand’s U19 and U25 teams but is yet to play a Ranji Trophy match.

December 16 2023

विकसित भारत संकल्प यात्रा में शामिल हुए केंद्रीय मंत्री मुंडा

केंद्रीय जनजातीय कार्य और कृषि एवं किसान कल्याण मंत्री अर्जुन मुंडा झारखंड में अपने संसदीय क्षेत्र के अंतर्गत एदलहातू पंचायत में बुंडू ब्लॉक के निवासियों के साथ प्रधानमंत्री नरेंद्र मोदी के मुख्य आतिथ्य में आयोजित विकसित भारत संकल्प यात्रा के कार्यक्रम में शामिल हुए। प्रधानमंत्री मोदी ने वीडियो कॉन्फ्रेंसिंग के माध्यम से विकसित भारत संकल्प यात्रा के लाभार्थियों से बातचीत की। कार्यक्रम के दौरान प्रधानमंत्री ने राजस्थान, मध्य प्रदेश, छत्तीसगढ़, तेलंगाना और मिजोरम राज्य में विकसित भारत संकल्प यात्रा को हरी झंडी दिखाई।
December 14 2023

Parliament nod to central tribal university in Telangana

Parliament on Wednesday passed a legislation to establish the Sammakka Sarakka Central Tribal University in Telangana after a nod from the Rajya Sabha. The Central Universities (Amendment) Bill, 2023, was cleared by the Lok Sabha last week. Replying during the debate, Union Education Minister Dharmendra Pradhan said the establishment of a central tribal university in Telangana is obligatory under the Andhra Pradesh Reorganisation Act, 2014. “If the Telangana government had co-operated at the right time, this university would have come up by now. They took a long time to provide land, so there was a delay in the implementation,” he said.

December 14 2023

64 bodies finally handed over to kin in Manipur

Bodies of as many as 64 victims from the Kuki and Meitei communities lying in morgues of Manipur since ethnic clashes broke out on May 3 were handed over to their family members on Thursday under tight security. While bodies of 60 Kukis, kept in the JNIMS and RIMS hospitals, were airlifted amid tight security arrangements, four bodies of Meiteis that were lying at a morgue in Churachandpur, a district dominated by tribals, were also brought to Imphal and handed over to their next of kin for the last rites.

December 13 2023

Manipur CM cautions Mizoram counterpart

Manipur Chief Minister N Biren Singh has asked his Mizoram counterpart Lalduhoma not to interfere in the internal affairs of the state. Maintaining that neighbouring states can extend their support to resolve the ethnic strife in Manipur, he requested the Mizoram CM to refrain from commenting on the internal matters of another state. Singh said, “I have seen one comment from the newly appointed CM of Mizoram that the state police should not harrass his people at Moreh. I think it is little beyond his constitutional rights. It is an internal matter of Manipur government.” 

December 13 2023

Parliament nod to central tribal university in Telangana

Parliament on Wednesday passed a legislation to establish the Sammakka Sarakka Central Tribal University in Telangana after a nod from the Rajya Sabha. The Central Universities (Amendment) Bill, 2023, was cleared by the Lok Sabha last week. Replying during the debate, Union Education Minister Dharmendra Pradhan said the establishment of a central tribal university in Telangana is obligatory under the Andhra Pradesh Reorganisation Act, 2014. “If the Telangana government had co-operated at the right time, this university would have come up by now. They took a long time to provide land, so there was a delay in the implementation,” he said.

December 13 2023

Chhattisgarh gets tribal CM

Tribal leader Vishnu Deo Sai on Wednesday took oath as the Chief Minister of Chhattisgarh while State BJP president Arun Sao and general secretary Vijay Sharma, both first-time MLAs, took oath as Deputy Chief Ministers. Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Union ministers Amit Shah, Nitin Gadkari and Ramdas Athawale, BJP president JP Nadda, CMs Yogi Adityanath, Himanta Biswa Sarma, former Chhattisgarh chief minister Raman Singh and party leaders from other states attended the event.

December 12 2023

SC declines plea for new panel on Manipur violence

The Supreme Court has refused to entertain a fresh PIL seeking a direction to the Centre to intervene and restore law and order in the ethnic strife-hit Manipur, and also set up a panel of experts to prepare a report on the underlying causes for the crisis and suggest remedial measures. A bench comprising Chief Justice D Y Chandrachud and Justices J B Pardiwala and Manoj Misra said, “This court has already constituted a committee chaired by Justice (retired) Gita Mittal. It’s open to make a representation to the committee. At this stage, we believe that broad and general reliefs would not result in anything.” It asked the petitioners to approach the Justice Gita Mittal panel.

December 9 2023

CBI charge-sheet against 9  for killing Naga woman

The CBI has filed a charge-sheet against nine people in the case of killing of a 55-year-old Naga woman in Keibi village on July 15 by a mob during the ongoing ethnic violence in Manipur The CBI has in its charge-sheet filed before a special CBI court in Guwahati accused them of committing the crime. The case earlier registered at the Lamlai police station in Imphal East was taken over by the CBI at the request of the Manipur government.

December 9 2023

NHRC notice to Manipur govt

The NHRC has issued notices to the Manipur government and the State’s police chief over reports that at least 13 people were killed in a gun fight in Leithao village in the Tengnoupal district. The incident, as reported, indicates a “lapse” on the part of the law enforcing agencies and the forces deployed to ensure peace and law and order in the state, the NHRC said in a statement.

December 07 2023

Arjun Munda gets addl charge of Agri, Pawar replaces Renuka

Union Tribal Affairs Minister Arjun Munda will also hold the additional portfolio of the Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare after incumbent Narendra Tomar resigned as MP following his victory from the Dimani Assembly seat in Madhya Pradesh. President Droupadi Murmu, on Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s advice, accepted the resignation of Tomar and assigned the charge of the Agriculture and Farmers Welfare Ministry to Munda in addition to his existing portfolio. Minister of State for Health and Family Welfare Dr Bharti Pravin Pawar has been given additional charge of the Minister of State in the Ministry of Tribal Affairs in place of incumbent Renuka Singh Saruta, who won from Surguja Assembly seat in Chhattisgarh and resigned as MP.

November 20 2023

2 tribal men, including IRB jawan, shot dead in Manipur

An India Reserve Battalion (IRB) personnel and his driver were shot dead by suspected members of an Imphal Valley-based terror group in Kangpokpi district of Manipur on Monday.
The duo was travelling in a vehicle when the terror group members suspected to be belonging to the state’s majority Meitei community carried out an ambush between Haraothel and Kobsha villages, officials said. The incident took place in an area adjacent to the Singda dam, which has become a hotspot for insurgent groups to target tribal community members during the ongoing ethnic violence in the northeastern state. A tribal organisation claimed that the Kuki-Zo community people were attacked without provocation and declared a “shutdown” in Kangpokpi district.

November 19 2023

हेमन्त ने छठ पर अर्घ्य अर्पण किया

The Indian Tribal | Hemant Soren ne Chhath Puja Par Arghya Arpan kiya

लोक आस्था और उपासना के महापर्व छठ के पावन अवसर पर हटनिया तालाब घाट पर अस्ताचलगामी सूर्य को अर्घ्य अर्पित करते हुए धर्मपत्नी कल्पना सोरेन और परिजनों संग झारखण्ड के मुख्यमंत्री हेमन्त सोरेन।

November 14 2023

Centre declares many Meitei extremist organisations unlawful

The Ministry of Home Affairs has declared several Meitei Extremist Organisations, their factions, wings, and front organizations as unlawful associations under the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act for a five-year period. These organizations include the Peoples’ Liberation Army (PLA) and its political wing; the Revolutionary Peoples’ Front (RPF); the United National Liberation Front (UNLF) and its armed wing, the Manipur Peoples’ Army (MPA); the Peoples’ Revolutionary Party of Kangleipak (PREPAK) and its armed wing; the Red Army.

November 13 2023

Tribal conclave in Jamshedpur

The 10th edition of ‘Samvaad’, a tribal conclave by Tata Steel Foundation (TSF), will be held in Jamshedpur from November 15. Over 2,500 representatives of around 150 tribes from across the country will take part in it. The theme for the five-day event this year is ‘Walk with Me’, recognising the journey of ideas, individuals, and collectives from and amongst the tribes. ‘Samvaad’ has over the years brought together over 40,000 people from more than 200 tribes of India and 17 other countries, Sourav Roy, TSF CEO, said.

November 14 2023

Centre declares many Meitei extremist organisations unlawful

The Ministry of Home Affairs has declared several Meitei Extremist Organisations, their factions, wings, and front organizations as unlawful associations under the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act for a five-year period. These organizations include the Peoples’ Liberation Army (PLA) and its political wing; the Revolutionary Peoples’ Front (RPF); the United National Liberation Front (UNLF) and its armed wing, the Manipur Peoples’ Army (MPA); the Peoples’ Revolutionary Party of Kangleipak (PREPAK) and its armed wing; the Red Army.
November 8 2023

High Voter Turnout In Tribal Mizoram & Chhattisgarh

Assembly Polls 2023

Amid violence perpetuated by Naxals in Bastar leaving some security personnel injured, the first phase of Chhattisgarh Assembly polls registered a more than 70% turnout of voters while it was close to 80% in Mizoram, where 39 of the total 40 seats are reserved for STs. Of the 20 seats that went to polls today in Chhattisgarh, 13 are tribal seats and of which 12 are in Bastar. The remaining eight seats including Mohala Manpur (ST) are in the Durg division. Congress holds 19 of the 20 seats with the BJP’s ex-CM Raman Singh being the only non-Congress MLA (from Rajnandgaon).

November 6 2023

Manipur HC directs State govt to operationalise mobile towers in non-hit districts

With internet services suspended since May 3 when ethnic clashes first erupted, the Manipur High Court has directed the State government to operationalise mobile towers, on a trial basis, in all those district headquarters which have not been affected by ethnic strife. The ruling by a division bench comprising Chief Justice Siddharth Mridul and Justice Golmei Gaiphulshillu Kabui came after the Manipur government extended the mobile internet ban in the northeastern state till November 8. “The state of Manipur is directed to open and operationalise mobile towers, on a trial basis, in all those district headquarters which have not been affected by violence,” the court said while hearing a PIL.

September 16 2023

First Baduga tribal girl to become pilot

Tribal girl from Tamil Nadu becomes pilot, first from community

Jayashree, a 27-year-old girl from the Baduga community in Tamil Nadu, has scripted history by becoming the first pilot from her community. She graduated from a flying school in South Africa. Hailing from Kothagiri, where she had completed her formal education and, while working as an IT professional, she decided to enroll in a flying school.

The Badugas are a closely-knit tribal community living around the Ooty and Coonoor region with their own cultural and linguistic identity.

In recent years, Badugas have slowly come out of the region to explore new work options by joining the armed forces and the Merchant Navy

September 12 2023

Now, 23 MLAs Demand Legal Action Against 10 Kuki MLAs

As many as 23 MLAs in Manipur have signed a resolution pledging to protect the territorial integrity of the strife-torn state and proceeding to Delhi soon to persuade the central leadership to bring a solution to the present crisis at the earliest. The MLAs signed the resolution after a meeting with members of a newly formed civil society organisation Youth of Manipur at the CM’s secretariat on Monday. They also stated that the Kuki Zo community’s demand for a separate administration was not acceptable to them. On Monday night, thousands of members of Youth of Manipur marched towards the CM’s bungalow to meet him, but security forces allowed only some of them past the barricades. During their meeting with the CM, the YOM members demanded that legal action be taken against the 10 Kuki MLAs who demanded separate administration for the community in Manipur

September 9 2023

President Hosts Dinner With Millet Delicacies For G20 Leaders

G20 Dinner

President Droupadi Murmu on Saturday hosted a dinner at Bharat Mandapam for G20 Summit world leaders and delegates. Menu included specialities like foxtail millet leaves crisps topped with yoghurt sphere and spiced chutney and jackfruit galette served with glazed forest mushrooms, little millet crisp and curry leaf-tossed Kerala red rice. Prime Minister Narendra Modi was also present.

September 7 2023

Tribal woman from Odisha to attend G20 to promote millet

A 36-year-old tribal woman farmer from Koraput’s Bhumia community,  Raimati Ghiuria, has received invitation to participate in the upcoming G20 summit scheduled to be held in New Delhi on September 9 and 10. Her inclusion in the summit is linked to her role in an exhibition centred on millets, including millet start-ups, millet rangoli and live cooking. The event is being organised by the Ministry of Agriculture for the special visit of G20’s first spouses to the Indian Agricultural Research Institute (IARI) campus in the national capital to showcase the country’s significant strides in the fields of agri-tech and millet production, offering visitors a firsthand millet experience.

September 5 2023

India strongly rejects comments by UN experts on Manipur

Rejecting the comments by UN experts on Manipur as “unwarranted, presumptive and misleading”, India has asserted that situation in the Northeast state is peaceful. In the note verbale issued on Monday to the Special Procedures Branch of the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, the Indian mission maintained that the situation in Manipur was peaceful and stable and the Indian government was committed to taking requisite steps to maintain peace and stability. “The Government is also committed to protecting the human rights of the people of India, including the people of Manipur,” it said.

September 5 2023

TN Govt to construct houses for STs, Narikuravars

The Tamil Nadu government will construct 1,500 houses at a cost of 79.28 crore for people belonging to Scheduled Tribes (ST) and also the Narikuravar communities who were recently granted the ST status. As many as 1,000 homeless ST members and 500 Narikuravars, who spend a semi-nomadic lifestyle, spread across 19 districts in Tamil Nadu would get the houses. The eligible beneficiaries would be identified and the houses would be constructed at the earliest, the State Government stated.

August 23 2023

Situation improving in Manipur, CM Biren Singh

Maintaining that the situation in Manipur is improving, Chief Minister N Biren Singh on Wednesday said pre-fabricated houses built for those affected by violence are not a permanent arrangement and they were constructed to ease the hardship faced by those living in relief camps. He also said that the situation in the northeastern state is gradually improving. Speaking at a programme where temporary shelter homes were handed over to over 300 families at Sajiwa Jail Complex in Imphal East district, he said: “These are temporary measures. Our first priority is to rehabilitate the affected people in both hills and the valley. Pre-fabricated houses are being built at eight sites.” He said that 320 houses have been built at Kwakta in Bishnupur district, 400 at Sajiwa and 200 at Sawombung in Imphal East, while 400 such houses were constructed at Yaithibi Loukol in Thoubal district.

August 21 2023

PM intervention sought to withdraw FIRs against Kuki academics; COTU reimposes NH blockade

The Kuki Inpi Manipur (KIM), the apex body of the community in Manipur, on Monday wrote to Prime Minister Narendra Modi urging him to take steps to withdraw the cases filed against Kuki academics. It alleged that several scholars, writers and leaders of the community are under constant threat and harassment. “The results of research works, academic engagement and exercise of freedom of speech are responded with FIR and cases. Manipur police have booked two Kuki Assistant Professors of Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) and a retired Colonel for the book they had edited and authored on the Anglo-Kuki War 1917-19,” it said. Meanwhile, the Committee on Tribal Unity (COTU) Sadar Hills Kangpokpi reimposed a blockade on NH 2 which connects Imphal with Nagaland’s Dimapur and NH 37 which links Imphal with Assam’s Silchar. It is demanding adequate supplies of essential commodities to Kuki-Zo communities in hill areas of the state.

August 21 2023

No Manipur Assembly session despite Cabinet recommendation

Notwithstanding the Manipur Cabinet recommending Governor Anusuiya Uikey to convene the Assembly session from August 21, the House did not sit on Monday as no notification was issued by Raj Bhavan. As many as 10 Kuki MLAs, cutting across party affiliations, had expressed their inability to attend the Assembly session as violence in the northeastern state continued. For a normal assembly session, a notification has to be issued 15 days before the beginning of it. The State Cabinet had asked for convening the 4th session. The previous assembly session was held in March, and violence broke out in the state in May. The last assembly session was adjourned sine die in March. It is a constitutional obligation that the next session must be held before September 2.

August 19 2023

Bhagwan Birsa Munda Jodaraste Scheme to connect tribal villages to main roads

In a major initiative, all tribal villages in 17 districts of Maharashtra will be connected to main roads under the Bhagwan Birsa Munda Jodaraste Scheme. The Rs 5000-crore ambitious project envisages construction of 6,838 km of roads and is in line with Deputy Chief Minister and Finance Minister Devendra Fadnavis’s announcement in this regard during the Budget Session of the Maharashtra Assembly. The Tribal Development Department will have a separate committee for these roads and the Public Works Department will build them.

July 26 2023

Manipur: Ban on broadband partially withdrawn; mobile internet remains suspended

The Manipur Government on Tuesday lifted the suspension on broadband internet conditionally in a “liberalised manner”. The Government said the suspension on broadband internet has been lifted, subject to fulfilment of several terms and conditions. However, mobile internet will remain suspended, the Home Department said in a notification. A ban on internet and mobile services has been in place since May 3 when ethnic clashes first broke out in the northeastern State.

July 26 2023

Bill to include communities in Chhattisgarh ST list passed in Rajya Sabha

Rajya Sabha on Tuesday passed The Constitution (Scheduled Tribes) Order (Fifth Amendment) Bill, 2022 by voice vote. Earlier, the bill to include Dhanuhar, Dhanuwar, Kisan, Saunra, Saonra and Binjhia communities in the list of Scheduled Tribes in Chhattisgarh was introduced in the Upper House even as opposition members walked out demanding discussion on the Manipur violence. When the House reassembled after lunch, Union Tribal Affairs Minister Arjun Munda moved the Bill for consideration and passage. But opposition members, who continued to create an uproar in the House demanding a discussion on Manipur, raised objections to the passage of the Bill amid din and walked out.

July 25 2023

Bill to include communities in Chhattisgarh ST list introduced amid oppn walkout

A bill to include Dhanuhar, Dhanuwar, Kisan, Saunra, Saonra and Binjhia communities in the list of Scheduled Tribes in Chhattisgarh was introduced in Rajya Sabha on Tuesday even as opposition members walked out demanding discussion on the Manipur violence.  When House reassembled after lunch, Union Tribal Affairs Minister Arjun Munda moved the Constitution (Scheduled Tribes) Order (Fifth Amendment) Bill, 2022 for consideration and passage. But opposition members, who continued to create an uproar in the House demanding a discussion on Manipur, raised objections to the passage of the Bill amid din and walked out.

July 24 2023

Manipur video: Social media posts claim involvement of RSS functionary, son; police lodge FIR against unknown

The Manipur police has registered an FIR against unidentified people for allegedly circulating a picture of a Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh functionary and his son on social media platforms, including Twitter and Facebook, and alleging their direct involvement in the May 4 incident of parading two tribal women naked in the State. In a statement, the Manipur Police said its Cyber Crime Police Station had received a report from a functionary of a political party that a picture of him and his son, collaged with a screenshot of the viral video of two women paraded, along with a caption that they were directly involved in the crime, was uploaded on various social media platforms.

July 24 2023

Come, train in Tamil Nadu, CM Stalin to Manipur sportspersons

M. K. Stalin, Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, which will be hosting the 2024 edition of the Khelo India games, on Sunday invited sportspersons from violence-hit Manipur to train in his state. In a statement, Stalin said the situation in Manipur was not conducive for the sportspersons there to train for events like Khelo India and Asian Games. “I have directed Youth Welfare and Sports Development Minister Udhayanidhi Stalin to make arrangements for the Manipur sportspersons in Tamil Nadu,” he said. Udhayanidhi, who is the CM’s son, assured high quality facilities for the Manipur sportspersons.

June 26 2023

आदिवासी छात्र का अमेरिका के एनएम हॉस्पिटैलिटी में चयन

पर्यटन विभाग, झारखंड सरकार, द्वारा संचालित इंस्टीट्यूट ऑफ होटल मैनेजमेंट (आईएचएम) राँची के त्रिवर्षीय बी. एससी इन एच एंड एचए पाठ्यक्रम के छात्र नवीन निश्चल तिग्गा का प्लेसमेंट अमेरिका के प्रतिष्ठित होटल एनएम हॉस्पिटैलिटी डीबीए आइजनहावर होटल एंड कांफ्रेंस सेण्टर, ऐमीटसबर्ग, में 18 लाख वार्षिक पैकेज के साथ चयन हुआ है। नवीन एक साधारण मध्यमवर्गीय आदिवासी समुदाय से तालुक्क रखते हैं और उनकी प्रारंभिक शिक्षा ब्राम्बे जैसे छोटे से गांव से हुई है। एक छोटे से गांव से निकल कर अमेरिका तक का सफर निश्चित ही आदिवासी समुदाय एवं गांववासिओं के लिए एक अभूतपूर्व उपलब्धि है|

June 26 2023

Shah briefs PM on Manipur

PM Holds Meeting With Key Cabinet Ministers After His Return From State Visits To The US & Egypt
PM Holds Meeting With Key Cabinet Ministers After His Return From State Visits To The US & Egypt

Union Home Minister Amit Shah on Monday briefed Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the situation in strife-torn Manipur. Modi, who returned from his six-day US and Egypt visit, held a meeting with his key Cabinet Ministers. Shah’s briefing came a day after Manipur CM N Biren Singh called on him to apprise him of the “evolving situation” in the northeastern State. Singh said Shah expressed concern over the changing nature of violence in Manipur — from the exchange of fire in the peripheral areas to the civil unrest in the valley districts. He claimed there has been no casualty in violence in Manipur since June 13. Meanwhile, 12 bunkers have been destroyed and six mortar shells seized during search operations by security forces. In a separate incident, the Indian Army was forced to release a group of 12 militants from the separatist organization Kanglei Yawol Kanna Lup (KYKL). The militants were surrounded by a massive crowd of around 1,500 people, predominantly led by women.

June 25 2023

Manipur CM claims no casualties in violence since June 13

In line of fire, Manipur Chief Minister N Biren Singh met Union Home Minister Amit Shah on Sunday and briefed him about the “evolving situation” in his State. “Called on Hon’ble Union Home Minister, Shri @AmitShah Ji in New Delhi today and briefed about the evolving situation on the ground in Manipur. Under Amit Shah Ji’s close supervision, the State and Central Govt have been able to control the violence to a great extent in the past week,” he tweeted. Singh said there has been no report of casualties since June 13 due to the violence. Senior Congress leader Jairam Ramesh, however, hit out at the Centre saying while the northeastern state is “burning”, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is “silent”, Home Minister Amit Shah is “ineffective” and Chief Minister N Biren Singh is “non-functional”. At the all-party meeting on Saturday, the Opposition had demanded Singh’s removal.

June 15 2023

J&K hosts first tribal writers’ conference

The first-ever 2-day national conference of tribal writers was held in Bhaderwah with participants setting up a forum to safeguard authentic tribal literature and encourage youngsters to showcase their unique culture through writings. As many as 37 Adivasi writers, poets and cultural experts from across India attended the conference, which was a collaborative effort of the Jharkhandi Bhasha Sahitya Sanskriti Akhara and the Anjuman-e-Taraqqi Gojri Adab and organised at the Jammu University’s Bhaderwah campus in Doda district.

June 15 2023

Internet ban extended till June 15 in Manipur

The Manipur government has extended its ban on internet services till June 15. The suspension of mobile data services, including broadband, has been extended till 3 pm of June 15, an order issued by Commissioner (Home) T Ranjit Singh said. The ban was imposed on May 3. The Supreme Court last week refused an urgent hearing on a plea by two Manipur residents against the repeated internet shutdowns in the strife-torn State. A vacation bench of justices Aniruddha Bose and Rajesh Bindal said the High Court is already seized of a similar issue.

June 7 2023

More arms and ammunition recovered in Manipur

Security forces have recovered as many as 57 arms, 318 ammunition and five bombs in Manipur, taking the total number of recovered arms and ammunition to 868 and 11,518, respectively, security advisor to the Manipur government Kuldiep Singh said on Wednesday. Curfew has been relaxed for 12 hours in five valley districts and for 10 to eight hours in neighbouring hill districts. There is no curfew in six other hill districts even as movement of essential items along NH-37 has been ensured. A total of 244 empty vehicles left Imphal for Jiribam on Wednesday besides 212 loaded vehicles left Noney and 212 loaded tankers and trucks left Noney and 212 loaded tankers and trucks left Jiribam.

June 5 2023

3 killed, 4 injured in fresh violence in Manipur, toll over 100 now

In fresh violence, three persons were killed and four others injured in a gunfight between two armed groups in States Imphal West district on Monday (June 5). The incident happened in Kangchup area of the district. Those injured were admitted to a hospital in Imphal where their conditions were stated to be stable. In Kakching district, four people were injured in Serou in an exchange of fire between two groups.

June 5 2023

Irate villagers burn down camp of Kuki militants

Angry villagers set ablaze an abandoned camp at Sugnu in Kakching district, where militants from the United Kuki Liberation Front (UKLF) were staying after signing a peace accord with the government. The villagers were venting their anger after militants burnt down at least 100 abandoned houses including the residence of Sugnu Congress MLA K Ranjit at Serou in Kakching district around Saturday midnight. There is almost round-the-clock exchange of fire between militants and security forces for the last two days. The Government on Sunday (June 4) set up a 3-member panel led by ex-Chief Justice of Gauhati High Court to probe the over-a-month-long violence in the northeastern State. The Commission has to submit its report within six months.

June 2 2023

Help pours in for tribal topper

Help has poured in from the Odisha Government for 20-year-old Karma Muduli, last year’s Plus Two topper from Malkangiri district, after a video of her working as a daily wager to meet her study expenses went viral. Pursuing her graduation from Rama Devi Women’s University, Bhubaneswar, Muduli, a resident of Padeiguda village under Khairput block in the district, has come home in her summer vacation and was videographed working as a daily labourer. Belonging to the Bonda tribe, a Particularly Vulnerable Tribal Group, she was a student of Scheduled Tribe and Scheduled Caste Department-run Government Higher Secondary School at Govindpalli, had topped with 82.66 per cent marks. Malkangiri District Welfare Officer gave Karma a cheque of Rs 30,000 and she will also get a laptop soon. The DWO said Karma was getting an annual stipend (post-matric scholarship) of Rs 13,000, which included Rs 10,000 for the hostel and Rs 3000 for school fees.

May 29 2023

25 arrested with weapons in tense Manipur ahead of Shah's visit 

Ahead of Union Home Minister Amit Shah’s visit, the Indian Army and para-military forces on Monday arrested 25 miscreants with arms, ammunition and grenades in Manipur after fresh incidents of firing and clashes broke out in and around Imphal valley. Curfew has been imposed in Imphal even as posters welcoming Shah and seeking a peaceful resolution of the ethnic confrontation sprang up in different places. The death toll in the violence has reached around 80 so far with three injured succumbing to injuries in hospital on Monday. Shah has announced he will be holding dialogue with all stakeholders.

May 29 2023

Shah’s visit to Manipur starts today, CM says 40 militants killed so far

Ahead of Union Home Minister Amit Shah’s 3-day visit to Manipur starting today (May 29), Chief Minister N Biren Singh has said that nearly 40 armed militants involved in torching houses and firing at civilians have been killed by security forces since they began an operation to bring peace to the north eastern state beset by ethnic rioting. Nevertheless, continued instances of violence saw two persons being killed and 12 others being injured. The CM claimed the latest round of “conflict is not between communities but between militants and security forces”. The house of BJP MLA Khwairakpam Raghumani Singh at Uripok in Imphal West was vandalised and his two vehicles have been set on fire.

May 22 2023

Fresh violence in Manipur

The north-eastern State witnessed fresh violence on Monday, May 22, as two houses were torched by a mob in Imphal East district after two armed miscreants forced people to shut their shops. The mob also beat up one of the miscreants while the other managed to flee though he was taken into custody later. Armymen deployed in the area rushed to the scene, used force and fired teargas shells to disperse the mob resulting in minor injuries to a few people.
Locals protested the incident by burning tyres on the road.
Curfew hours in Imphal East district, which had earlier been relaxed,  were tightened.

May 20 2023

NCST asks Telangana to address tribal issues

The National Commission for Scheduled Tribes has asked the Telangana government to address issues related to Community Forest Resource Rights (CFRR), Individual Forest Rights (IFR) and Community Forest Rights (CFR) in the state. NCST chairperson, Harsh Chouhan, who held a review meeting on issues related to Scheduled Tribes with chief secretary A Santhi Kumari and all Heads of the Departments, drew the attention of the Telangana government towards matters related to tribal land like displacements, Dharni portal, allotment of land to landless STs and illegal plotting on tribal land.

May 16 2023

Arunachal tribal leaders meet PM

Prime Minister Narendra Modi interacted with community leaders of several tribes of Arunachal Pradesh at his residence on Tuesday (May 16). Arunachal Chief Minister Pema Khandu, who led the delegation, said that this was the first time these tribal leaders have interacted with the Prime Minister. He called the meeting historic. Modi highlighted the historical and cultural ties between the northeast state and his home state Gujarat which they visited recently. Modi noted that Rukmini, the wife of Lord Krishna, is believed to be from Arunachal. He enquired about their experience of the visit to Gujarat, especially to Kevadia and the GIFT city.

May 14 2023

कड़ी मेहनत का कोई विकल्प नहीं: अर्जुन मुंडा

केंद्रीय जनजातीय कार्य मंत्री  अर्जुन मुंडा  आज (May 14) बिरसा कॉलेज, खूंटी, में छात्र-छात्राओं के लिए आयोजित “नई दिशा – “एक दिवसीय करियर काउंसलिंग सह कार्यशाला” में सम्मिलित हुए। इस अवसर पर उन्होंने कहा कि कड़ी मेहनत का कोई विकल्प नहीं है। आप जो भी क्षेत्र चुनते हैं, उसमें अपना जी जान डालें, उस क्षेत्र के लिए आपके पास जो भी कौशल नहीं हैं, उन्हें विकसित कर आप सफलता को हासिल कर सकते  हैं । आज यहाँ विद्यार्थियों की काउंसलिंग और उन्हें अलग-अलग करियर विकल्पों की जानकारी प्रदान की गई  जो कि उनके सफलता का सही मार्ग तलाशने का मार्ग प्रशस्त करेगा।
May 14 2023

IIM Ranchi’s boot camp with focus on tribal life

The Indian Institute of Management Ranchi has launched its one-of-a-kind initiative, the 3-day Young Changemakers Programme (YCP), under its strategic plan, IIM Ranchi@2030. The programme is aimed at inspiring a generation of young leaders who will bring about a tangible social impact and lead organisations with a global outlook and local responsiveness. The Rural Immersion Bootcamp is an innovative programme involving a live-case learning model, providing a unique platform for students to explore tribal villages, understand their challenges, and collaboratively develop practical solutions. The direct exposure aims to stimulate the ability to identify pertinent problems, instil empathy, hone their creativity and problem-solving abilities, help them develop innovative and effective solutions, and execute it for the betterment of the tribal communities.

May 5 2023

Patton: No MoU with Assam before consultations

Nagaland’s Deputy Chief Minister Yangthungo Patton has said that the State government has decided not to go ahead with signing any Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Assam on oil exploration before a final consultation is held with stakeholders and tribal bodies of the area. He was replying to queries from journalists on the stand of the State government on objections raised by various tribal organisations and also Naga underground groups on the proposed signing of MoU on oil exploration with Assam government along the Disturbed Area Belt (DAB) of the two States.

May 4 2023

Prez on three-day Odisha visit from May 4

President Droupadi Murmu's Homecoming

President Droupadi Murmu will visit Odisha (Rairangpur, Pahadpur and Baripada in Mayurbhanj district) from May 4 to 6. This will be her first visit to her native Rairangpur after becoming the President. On May 4, the President will lay the foundation stones for the Skill Training Hub and Community Centre at Pahadpur. Subsequently, she will visit Brahma Kumaris Centre, Hatbadra where she will launch the ‘Addiction Free Odisha’ campaign of Brahma Kumaris Centre. On the same evening, the President will attend a civic reception to be hosted in her honour by the Rairangpur Municipality at Rairangpur Stadium. On May 5, the President will pay her tributes to Pt Raghunath Murmu on his birth anniversary. Later, she will visit Similipal Sanctuary. On May 6, the President will attend the 12th convocation of Maharaja Sriram Chandra Bhanja Deo University at Baripada.

May 4 2023

President's Homecoming

Droupadi Murmu was accorded a warm reception by the people as she came home in Rairangpur, nearly a year after her election as President. She landed at Badampahar helipad amidst tight security and greetings by thousands. Governor Prof. Ganeshi Lal and Union Minister of Jal Shakti Bisheswar Tudu received her. Exuding affability, she covered nearly 200 meters on foot and waved at the crowd before leaving for her in-laws’ village Pahadpur where she would first lay a wreath on the statue of her husband late Shyam Charan Murmu before attending a string of programmes.

April 30 2023

फेडरेशन कप में आशा किरण को स्वर्ण पदक

रांची। 21वीं फेडरेशन कप अंडर 20 एथलेटिक्स प्रतियोगिता में आशा किरण बारला ने झारखंड को स्वर्ण पदक दिलाया। तमिलनाडू में चल रही प्रतियोगिता में आशा ने 800 मीटर इवेंट में 2:07:51 सेकेंड का समय निकालते हुए यह उपलब्धि अपने नाम की। इस प्रतियोगिता में झारखंड के दो खिलाड़ी भाग ले रहे हैं।

April 28, 2023

Munda on 4-day visit to A&N Islands

Union Tribal Affairs Minister Arjun Munda is on a four-day visit to Andaman and Nicobar Islands, where he will visit the Anthropological Museum, National Biosphere Reserve at Campbell Bay, Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Dweep, and the Cellular Jail to witness the light and sound show. He will also hold meetings with senior officials, and interact with various tribal communities, including Onge, Shompen, and Jarawa tribes.

January 19, 2023

52 docs showcaused for not joining duty in tribal areas

The Maharashtra Government has showcaused 52 doctors who were asked to join the Primary Health Centres in the tribal areas of the State but who did not. Giving this information to the Bombay High Court on Thursday (January 19) during the hearing of a PIL, the Government said of the 52 doctors, while 21 are Paediatricians, 31 are Gynaecologists. Tribal-dominated Melghat and Nandurbar districts witness high malnutrition deaths amongst children. The Government said though it has served the notices to the doctors, it is pursuing them and asking them to go and work in the tribal areas. In the meantime, the recruitment process for 226 new medical officers is on, the State Government said.

January 14, 2023

Rajasthan JE suspended for breach of President’s protocol

The Rajasthan Government has suspended a female junior engineer with the Public Health Engineering Department (PHED) for trying to touch President Droupadi Murmu’s feet.at an event there on January 4. It was considered a security breach. Chief Engineer, Administration Water Supply Department, issued the suspension order on January 12 for the JE Amba Seoul. The order for suspension, effective immediately, stated that Seoul had violated the protocol by trying to touch the feet of the President at the helipad during the inaugural programme of the Scout Guide Jamboree in Rohet.

January 14, 2023

Jamia seeks Prez assistance for Dept of Tribal Studies

Jamia Millia Islamia Vice-Chancellor Najma Akhtar has sought President Droupadi Murmu’s assistance in setting up a department of tribal studies in the university. Murmu is the Visitor of the varsity. Akhtar met Murmu on Thursday (January 12). She informed the President that the University wants to set up a ‘Department of Tribal Studies and Development’ and a hostel for tribal students. This apart, the V-C also permission from the President for setting up offshore campuses of the varsity in view of the demand for its academic courses in the Middle East and other countries with large Indian population.

December 26, 2022

Parl panel pulls up Centre over delay

The Parliamentary Committee on Social Justice and Empowerment has taken strong exception to the Centre’s inordinate delay in categorising over 260 denotified, nomadic and semi-nomadic tribes under the SC/ST/OBC lists. The panel, which tabled its report in the Parliament during the just-concluded winter session, said the delay in locating them would increase their suffering and they would not be able to get the benefits of the prevailing schemes meant for the welfare of SC/STs.

December 1, 2022

VP Salutes ‘Tribal Culture & Energy’ At Hornbill Festival

Vice President Jagdeep Dhankhar on December 1 sounded the Inauguration Gong along with Nagaland Chief Minister Neiphiu Rio to declare the ‘Festival of Festivals’ open. He said the world will experience Naga hospitality when a meeting of G-20 will be held in the State in April, 2023. He released a postage stamp to commemorate the festival and lauded Nagaland for lowest crime rate against women in India. The Fest last year had an abrupt closure after just four days due to the Oting firing incident and subsequent violence.

November 11, 2022

Reservation hiked to 77 % in Jharkhand but with caveat

The Hemant Soren Government on Friday (November 11) ensured the passage of the Jharkhand Reservation in Vacancies of Posts and Services (Amendment) Bill 2022 passed in the state assembly to raise the quota for reservations in government jobs for STs, SCs, EBCs, OBCs and economically weaker sections (EWS) to 77 percent from a current 60 percent. The Bill, however, came with the caveat that “the Act shall take effect after it is included in the ninth schedule of the Constitution of India”. In the proposed reservation, local people belonging to the Scheduled Caste (SC) community will get a quota of 12 per cent (up from 10 pc), Scheduled Tribes 28 percent (up from 26 pc), Extremely Backward Classes (EBCs) 15 per cent, Other Backward Communities (OBCs) 12 percent (up from 10 pc) and EWS, barring those from the other reserved categories, 10 percent.  The reservation for EWS by Jharkhand comes on the heels of a Supreme Court verdict given earlier this week upholding the validity of the reservation to those sections. Critics termed the new law a “political gimmick”.

November 9, 2022

सीमा पात्रा को जमानत मिली

रांची में घरेलू आदिवासी नौकरानी सुनीता खाखा के साथ प्रताड़ना के आरोप में जेल में बंद सेवानिवृत्त आईएएस अधिकारी की पत्नी सीमा पात्रा को अदालत ने राहत प्रदान की है। एसटी-एससी मामले के विशेष न्यायाधीश की अदालत ने जमानत की सुविधा प्रदान की है। अदालत ने 5 नवंबर को जमानत अर्जी पर सुनवाई पश्चात आदेश सुरक्षित रख लिया था। बुधवार को अदालत ने अपना सुरक्षित आदेश सुनाया। उन्होंने 26 सितंबर को जमानत अर्जी दाखिल की थी। सीमा पात्रा बीते 31 अगस्त से न्यायिक हिरासत में है। बता दें 31 अगस्त 2022 को सीमा पात्रा को घरेलू नौकरानी सुनीता खाखा के साथ प्रताड़ना के आरोप में गिरफ्तार कर जेल भेजा गया था। मामले को लेकर अरगोड़ा थाना में 22 अगस्त 2022 को कांड संख्या 285/2022 दर्ज किया गया था।

November 9, 2022

CM Baghel urges Speaker for special session to discuss ST quota

Chhattisgarh Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel on Wednesday (November 9) said that he has sent a proposal to Speaker Charandas Mahant urging him to convene a two-day special session of the State Assembly on December 1 and 2 to discuss the issue of reservation for Scheduled Tribes. Baghel has assured tribal communities that his government has been making every possible effort to provide them the benefit of 32 percent quota, an official statement said. The tribals constitute 32 per cent of the state’s population. The Chhattisgarh High Court had in September this year set aside the State government’s 2012 order to raise the quota to 58 per cent in government jobs and admissions in educational institutions and held that reservation exceeding the 50 per cent ceiling is unconstitutional.

November 7, 2022

Supreme Court relief for Hemant Soren in illegal mining case

Jharkhand Chief Minister Hemant Soren on Monday (November 7) got a relief from the Supreme Court which held that the PILs filed before the Jharkhand High Court seeking a probe against him in an alleged mining scam were not maintainable. The Supreme Court allowed the appeals of Soren and the state government against the High Court’s June 3 order. The JMM leader has been accused of granting himself a mining lease as the State’s Mining Minister. “We have allowed these two appeals and have set aside the June 3, 2022 order passed by the Jharkhand High Court, holding that these PILs were not maintainable,” the bench of Chief Justice of India UU Lalit and Justices Ravindra Bhat and Sudhanshu Dhulia said.

October 18, 2022

Ordinance route for hiking reservation quota

The Karnataka government is planning to take the ordinance route to raise the Scheduled Caste (SC) and Scheduled Tribe (ST) reservation quota in the State. Transport and Scheduled Tribes Welfare Minister B. Sriramulu said that an ordinance will soon be promulgated for raising the reservation to 17 per cent from the present 15 per cent for Scheduled Castes and to 7 per cent from the 3 per cent for the Scheduled Tribes at present. The move to increase the reservation for SC/STs by the state government will mean that reservation will cross the Supreme Court’s 50 per cent limit judgement and touch 56 per cent in Karnataka.

October 10, 2022

चौथा कुड़ुख अंतरराष्ट्रीय सम्मेलन बांग्लादेश में होगा

कुड़ुख सोसाइटी ऑफ इंडिया, नई दिल्ली, की ओर से कोकराझार (असम) में आयोजित तीन-दिवसीय कुड़ुख़ भाषा के राष्ट्रीय सम्मेलन का समापन पिछले सप्ताह हुआ। इसमें 13 राज्यों के कुड़ुख साहित्यकार, प्राध्यापक, शोधार्थी, छात्र-छात्राएं व सामाजिक कार्यकर्ता शामिल हुए। सम्मेलन में कुड़ुख भाषा साहित्य के संरक्षण और संवर्धन के साथ विकास पर विचार-विमर्श किया गया। ये तय किया गया कि कुड़ुख साहित्य की रचनाएं अधिक से अधिक प्रकाशित करने की दिशा में प्रयास किए जाएंगे। ये भी निर्णय लिया गया कि कुड़ुख भाषा का 16वां राष्ट्रीय सम्मेलन मुंबई (महाराष्ट्र ) में और चौथा अंतरराष्ट्रीय सम्मेलन बंगलादेश में होगा। इसके साथ ही कुड़ुख लिटरेरी सोसाइटी ऑफ इंडिया, नई दिल्ली की नई कार्यकारणी समिति का गठन भी किया गया।

October 3, 2022

छत्तीसगढ़ की आदिवासी छात्रा का NASA के प्रोजेक्ट में चयन

The Indian Tribal | Ritika Dhruv selected for the project of NASA

छत्तीसगढ़ के सिरपुर की रहने वाली और महासमुंद स्थित स्वामी आत्मानंद इंग्लिश मीडियम स्कूल की छात्रा रितिका ध्रुव का चयन नासा  के क्षुद्रग्रह खोज अभियान (Asteroid Search Campaign) के लिए हुआ है। यह प्रोजेक्ट  इसरो (ISRO) के साथ अंतरराष्ट्रीय खगोलीय खोज सहयोग कार्यक्रम के तहत साझेदारी का हिस्सा है। सोसायटी फॉर स्पेस एजुकेशन रिसर्च एंड डेवलपमेंट ने छात्रों को प्रोत्साहित करने को कहा है।  रितिका की ट्रेनिंग 6 अक्तूबर तक सतीश धवन स्पेस सेंटर आंध्र प्रदेश में होगी  । इसके बाद नवंबर में बेंगलुरू इसरो में क्षुद्रग्रह प्रशिक्षण शिविर में हिस्सा लेंगी।इस प्रोजेक्ट के लिए देश भर से 6 बच्चों का चयन हुआ है। 

September 30, 2022

ASA warns of ‘chakka jam’ from Nov 30

Hundreds of tribals from Odisha, Bihar, Jharkhand, Assam and different parts of West Bengal, under the banner of Adivasi Sengel Abhiyan (ASA), congregated in Kolkata on Friday (September 30), demanding recognition of the Sarna religion by the Centre. The tribals threatened to hold a “chakka jam” from November 30 if the Centre does not hold talks with them or fails to give reasons for denying the recognition. “Tribals who worship nature are neither Hindus, nor Muslims nor Christians. Their population is more than Jains and Buddhists, but their choice of religion is not recognised,” ASA president Salkhan Murmu, a former BJP MP from Mayurbhanj Odisha, reiterated. The protest will affect 50 districts and 250 blocks in these five states, he claimed.

September 14, 2022

President Murmu to attend Queen Elizabeth's funeral in London

President Droupadi Murmu will visit London from September 17 to 19 to attend the state funeral of Queen Elizabeth II and offer condolences on behalf of the Indian government. Queen Elizabeth II passed away on September 8. President Murmu, Vice President Jagdeep Dhankhar and Prime Minister Narendra Modi have expressed condolences at her demise. External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar visited the British High Commission here on September 12 to convey India’s condolences. India also observed a day of national mourning on Sunday. Queen Elizabeth II, who died aged 96 at her Balmoral Castle summer residence in Scotland on September 8, will be laid to rest at a state funeral at Westminster Abbey on September 19.

September 11, 2022

4 tribal students crack NEET 2022

Braving all odds, four tribal students from remote villages of Maharashtra’s Vidarbha region have cleared the medical entrance examination National Eligibility Entrance Test (NEET) 2022. The students namely Arun Lalsu Mattami, Sapna Jawarkar, Sachin Arki and Rakesh Podali belong to families of farm labourers and marginal farmers. Lift For Upliftment (LFU), an organisation that offers free coaching to underprivileged and marginalised students who can’t afford and don’t have access to private coaching, helped them realize their dreams. The LFU is founded by students and alumni of B J Medical College in Pune.

September 3, 2022

Adivasi group submits memorandum, seeks action against Behera

A Bhoomia Samaj delegation on Saturday (September 3) submitted a five-point memorandum to the Koraput sub-collector seeking action against social worker Mamata Behera for forcing septuagenarian Padma Shri Kamala Pujari to dance with her in the ICU of SCB Medical College and Hospital, Cuttack and circulating the video in social media. In the memorandum, addressed to Odisha Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik and Governor Ganeshi Lal, the delegation alleged Behera’s act damaged the image of Pujari, the pride of Adivasi people and tarnished the image of the Adivasi Samaj for which action should be taken against the social activist. If not, they threatened to take to the streets.

September 2, 2022
Gopika Govindan will become the first air-hostess from the Scheduled Tribe (ST)

Gopika to be first ST air-hostess from Kerala

Come October and Gopika Govindan will become the first air-hostess from the Scheduled Tribe (ST) community in Kerala. She will soon join Air India Express. Hailing from the Karimbala community, a ST in Kannur, it’s a dream come true for Gopika who had set her eyes on the skies ever since she was just 12 years old. “I still remember watching an aircraft flying above my house and wanting to be in it. Even now, I feel excited as I go near an aircraft,” the 24-year-old said. But then, she kept her dream a well-kept secret all these years. So much so that not even her parents P Govindan and Viji got wind of it. A government scheme for the education of ST girls helped her realize her dream as she got the offer to pursue a diploma in IATA customer service care at Dream Sky Aviation Training Academy in Wayanad. She later got her training at Air India. 

August 24, 2022

Kerala HC stays lower court order in Madhu murder case

The Kerala High Court on Wednesday (August 24) stayed a Special Court order cancelling the bail of 12 accused in the Madhu murder case in Palakkad district for allegedly stealing food articles in 2018. The HC stayed the Special Court order till August 29 while considering a plea moved by two accused challenging its decision in the sensational case. The Special Court for trial of offences under the SC/ST Act at Mannarkkad in Palakkad district had ordered the cancellation, accepting the prosecution’s argument that under the influence of the accused, several witnesses had turned hostile during the ongoing trial. Madhu, a tribal from Attappady, was killed after he was caught, tied and thrashed by a group of local people alleging theft on February 22, 2018.

August 16, 2022

Mandla is India’s first fully functional tribal literate district

Madhya Pradesh’s tribal-dominated Mandla region has become the “first fully functional tribal literate” district in the country, State Minister of Food and Civil Supplies Bisahulal Singh has announced while addressing a gathering at an Independence Day function. Mandla collector Harshika Singh said, ”A person can be called functionally literate when he or she is able to write his or her own name, to count and read and write in Hindi.” She pointed out that the literacy rate in the district was 68 per cent as per a survey in 2011, while another report in 2020 pointed out that over 2.25 lakh people were not literate in the district and most of them were tribals living in the forest areas.  “Tribals frequently complained about money being taken from their bank accounts by fraudsters and the root cause of this was that they were not functionally literate. Keeping this in mind, we launched a major campaign to make them functionally literate from Independence Day 2020 by roping in the school education department, women and child development department, anganwadi and social workers to educate women and senior citizens,” the collector said.

August 8, 2022

16वां कुड़ुख भाषा राष्ट्रीय सम्मेलन कोकराझार में 30 सितंबर से

कुड़ुख लिटरेरी सोसाइटी ऑफ इंडिया, नई दिल्ली, की 16वीं राष्ट्रीय कार्यकारिणी समिति की बैठक सोमवार को हुई इसकी अध्यक्षता सोसाइटी की राष्ट्रीय अध्यक्षडॉ उषा रानी मिंज ने की बैठक में सोसाइटी की ओर से आगामी 30 सितंबर से 2 अक्टूबर तक कोकराझार(असम)में आयोजित कुंड़ुख भाषा की तीन दिवसीय 16वें राष्ट्रीय सम्मेलन की तैयारी पर चर्चा की गई और इसे अंतिम रूप दिया गया।इस सम्मेलन में देश के 13 राज्यों से लगभग 300 साहित्यकार, लेखक, कवि, शिक्षक, शोधार्थी व छात्र प्रतिनिधि भाग लेंगे।स्थानीय विधायक और मंत्रीगण भी शामिल होंगे।सम्मेलन में कुंड़ुख डहरे शोध पत्रिका, कुंड़ुख पुस्तक और अन्य वार्षिक पत्रिकाओं का लोकार्पण किया जाएगा।इसके अलावा सर्वश्रेष्ठ पीएचडी धारक व साहित्यकारों को सम्मानित किया जाएगा। साहित्य जगत की सभी विधाओं में अधिक से अधिक कुंड़ुख पुस्तक का प्रकाशन, बच्चों के लिए चित्र आधारित पुस्तक प्रकाशन, कुंडुख भाषा में प्रकाशित पुस्तकों की समीक्षा बैठक, पुस्तक प्रकाशन के लिए आईएसएसएन नंबर के लिए आवेदन दिया जाएगा। कुंड़ुख भाषा साहित्य के संरक्षण, संवर्धन और विकास के लिए सभी राज्यों में कुंड़ुख साहित्य सम्मेलन भी आयोजित किया जाएगा।

August 1, 2022

Will Hattis be granted ST status?

With Assembly elections nearing, Himachal Pradesh Chief Minister Jai Ram Thakur yet again met Union Home Minister Amit Shah to discuss granting tribal status to the “Hatti Community” of Sirmour district. Thakur had, on earlier occasions too, met Shah over the issue. The Centre is likely to grant the ST status to the Hattis in the next few days. After meeting the Home Minister, the Chief Minister said that Amit Shah had assured him that the Central government would soon take a final call in the larger interest of the Hatti community.

July 27, 2022

झारखण्ड की दो आदिवासी धावक भारतीय टीम में

एथलेटिक्स फेडरेशन ऑफ इंडिया ने अंडर 20 विश्व एथलेटिक्स चैंपियनशिप के लिए भारतीय टीम की घोषणा बुधवार को कर दी। गुमला की एथलीट सुप्रीति कच्छप और आशा किरण बारला भी टीम की हिस्सा हैं। सुप्रीति 5000 मीटर दौड़ में भाग लेंगी, जबकि आशा 800 मीटर दौड़ में शामिल होंगी। कोलंबिया में यह प्रतियोगिता एक से छह अगस्त तक होगी। भारतीय टीम गुरुवार को कोलंबिया के लिए रवाना होगी। सुप्रीति और आशा ने इसी साल वर्ल्ड चैंपियनशिप के लिए क्वालीफाई किया था। इसके बाद दोनों पटियाला में इंडिया कैंप में शामिल थीं। कैंप के बाद भारत की 43 सदस्यीय टीम में दोनों को अंतिम रूप से शामिल किया। 

July 27, 2022

3 Birhor tribals electrocuted

In a tragic incident, three members of the primitive Birhor tribe died of electrocution when they tried to steal transmission wire in Jharkhand’s Hazaribagh district on Wednesday (July 27). Police officials said the three somehow climbed a 100-ft-high electric tower to steal transmission wire and were electrocuted as soon as they came in contact with the high tension live wire. While one of them was found hanging there, the other two fell on the ground. Police have registered a case under relevant sections of IPC against the three following investigations as they attempted to steal transmission line wire. A Power Grid Corporation of India spokesperson said the power supply tripped following this incident. 

July 22, 2022
The Indian Tribal, Union Tribal Affairs Minister Arjun Munda

Murmu’s election historic, says Arjun Munda

Union Tribal Affairs Minister Arjun Munda on Friday (July 22) hailed as historic the election of Droupadi Murmu as India’s next president and lauded the Prime Minister Narendra Modi-led government for working to bring development and empowerment to the Scheduled Tribes. Munda, along with BJP’s ST Morcha chief Samir Oraon and spokesperson Heena Gavit, held a press conference to highlight the government’s welfare and empowerment measures for the community since it came to power in 2014. Munda pointed out how the budgetary allocation of Rs 81,000 crore, which will be spend by different ministries, has been made in 2022-23 for the tribals’ development, while the corresponding amount before 2014 was around Rs 20,000-21,000 crore only. Oraon said the government brought 23 additional ‘minor forest produce’ under MSP mechanism while Gavit said different political parties and leaders made tall promises to the community but did nothing for them.

July 20, 2022

10 minor tribal girls rescued

In a major operation against child trafficking, as many as 10 minor tribal girls, aged between 13 and 17 years, have been rescued by a joint team of the Delhi Police, Bachpan Bachao Andolan (BBA) of Nobel Peace Laureate Kailash Satyarthi, Central agency the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR) and the Anti-Human Trafficking Unit (AHTU) from an illegally run placement agency in North Delhi on Monday (July 18). All the girls were trafficked from Jharkhand’s West Singhbhum district on the promise of gainful employment. Five persons have been identified as involved in trafficking the tribal girls. An FIR has been registered against two “unnamed” accused persons while the involvement of the other three is being investigated. The accused group has been in operation for almost 10 years. Detailed medical examination has been conducted on the girls and they have been produced before the Child Welfare Committee.

July 18, 2022

In a major judgment, a designated National Investigation Agency (NIA) court in Chhattisgarh has acquitted all 121 tribals languishing in jail for the last 5 years for their alleged links to a Maoist attack in Sukma wherein 25 security personnel were killed. The CRPF personnel of the 74th battalion were killed in the ambush on April 24, 2017 at Burkpal village. It was the second deadliest attack in the Bastar region after the killing of 76 personnel in 2010. “No evidence or statements recorded by the prosecution was able to establish that the accused were members of the Naxal wing and were involved in the crime. No arms or ammunition seized by the police were proved to be found from the accused,” the order said. The tribals had been arrested and charged under the stringent Unlawful Activities Prevention Act (UAPA). 

July 15, 2022
The Indian Tribal News , The Jammu & Kashmir Tribal Affairs Department has sanctioned Rs 1 Lakh cash reward

Two tribal girls, Noor Fatima from Poonch and Summara Shakeel from Kathua, have come up with an outstanding performance in the matriculation examination, conducted by the Jammu and Kashmir Board of School Education. Fatima secured 99.40 percent and Shakeel 99.20 percent marks. Recognising their feat, the Jammu & Kashmir Tribal Affairs Department has sanctioned Rs 1 Lakh cash reward, a laptop and a scholarship of Rs 30,000 for both the students. Their educational expenses will also be supported by the Department. Secretary, Tribal Affairs Department, Dr Shahid Iqbal Choudhary said it is a “historic achievement” of the girl students from the tribal community and the Department’s initiative will encourage other students as well. He informed that the top 20 students from the tribal community are being rewarded with Rs 50,000, a laptop and scholarship upto Rs 25,000 each.

July 15, 2022

Union Tribal Affairs Minister Arjun Munda has exhorted States and institutions in the country to come together to chalk out a plan for the welfare of tribals. Speaking after inaugurating a two-day symposium, ‘Manthan’, at Galtare in Palghar district of Maharashtra on Thursday (July 14),  Munda said, “A report should be prepared on the implementation and performance under the Scheduled Tribes Component (STC). The STC was formed after a prolonged deliberation. Hence, its performance in different states needs to be evaluated.” The representatives of the education ministries in the states doing a commendable job in regional languages under the National Education Policy should be roped in to form a five-member committee to explore the scope of work to be done by the Ministry of Tribal Affairs. 

July 14, 2022

With the Opposition Congress and BJP members paralyzing the functioning of the Odisha Assembly over the alleged police atrocities on tribal women in Malkangiri district last month, the Naveen Patnaik government was on Wednesday (July 13) forced to announce a Crime Branch inquiry into the incident. MoS Home Tushar Kanti Behera announced in the house that the IG Crime Branch will investigate the matter. The Opposition alleged the sub-divisional police officer (SDPO) of Chitrakonda and his team on June 7 assaulted people including a pregnant woman, a minor girl and an 80-year-old woman during a night-time raid on RSC-13 village in connection with illegal ganja cultivation. The SDPO even slapped a tribal woman during the police raid on the village, it alleged.

July 11, 2022

As many as four persons were arrested on Monday on charges of attempt to murder and other offences for allegedly assaulting a 21-year-old tribal man in Indore in Madhya Pradesh.  As per the complaint of the youth, his landlord and three others confined him to a house, beat him, inserted petrol in his private parts and then shot a video of his in the nude, a police official said. “The victim, a student hailing from Alirajpur, was living on rent along with his two sisters in the house of accused Nazim Khan. The latter suspected that the tribal youth had extorted Rs 50,000 from his son and bought a laptop,” Tejaji Nagar police station in charge RD Kanva said. “On July 9, Khan took the victim on the pretext of buying a goat, confined him to a house and assaulted him,” he said.

July 5, 2022

The National Commission for Scheduled Tribes (NCST) has issued a notice to the Guna district magistrate in Madhya Pradesh seeking within seven days details of action taken in the case wherein a tribal woman was allegedly set on fire by  village strongmen over a land dispute. The 38-year-old woman belonging to the Saharia tribe, a particularly vulnerable tribal group, and her husband had complained to local police about a threat to their lives, claiming some powerful men wanted to grab their land in Dhanoria village.  The NCST also sought information on action taken to arrest the accused and file a charge sheet under relevant IPC provisions and the Scheduled Castes and Tribes (Prevention of Atrocities) Act, 1989. The Commission further sought to know whether any monetary relief has been given to the victim’s family.

July 4, 2022

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday (July 4) unveiled a statue of legendary freedom fighter Alluri Sitarama Raju, on his 125th birth anniversary celebrations, in Andhra Pradesh. Raju is remembered for his Rampa rebellion of Koya tribals against the British to safeguard the interests of the tribal communities in the Eastern Ghats region. The PM pointed out that a Alluri Sitarama Raju Memorial Tribal Freedom Fighters Museum is also being built in Lambasingi. The central government has also approved the construction of Alluri Dhyana Mandir at Mogallu with a statue of Raju in meditation pose.

July 3, 2022

A group of village strongmen on Saturday (July 2) set ablaze a Saharia tribal woman in Guna district of Madhya Pradesh. The men had encroached upon the agricultural land of the victim’s family. Police have arrested three persons and charged them for attempt to murder. Saharia is a particularly vulnerable tribal group (PTVG). The incident occurred on Saturday afternoon in Dhanoria village of Bamori tehsil in the district. A case of lynching of two tribal men and killing of a tribal couple had also been reported recently from different parts of the State.

June 25, 2022

In a first, the Karnataka Nomadic and Semi Nomadic Development Corporation has taken up a survey of all nomadic tribal communities in the State. The survey will help ensure Government’s welfare measures reach these communities. Corporation Chairman K Ravindra Shetty said there are 47 nomadic tribes in the state whose official count stood at around 29 lakh but community leaders say their population is around 75 lakh. Since there are no proper statistics available about the community population, he has written letters to Deputy Commissioners of all districts to conduct surveys of nomadic tribes and submit reports within six months.

June 21, 2022
The Indian Tribal News Update - Arjun Munda leads the Yoga Mahotsav in Khunti district, Jharkhand on International Yoga Day

On the occasion of International Day of Yoga, Union Minister for Tribal Affairs Arjun Munda on Tuesday led the Yoga Mahotsav celebrations at the Birsa College Stadium in Khunti district in Jharkhand. Khunti is his parliamentary constituency. Apart from all the senior officers of the district, a large number of school and college students, elderly and common people participated in the Yoga event. 

June 13, 2022

The Nagaland Police has charge-sheeted at least 30 members of the 21 Para Special Force including an officer in the rank of a major in connection with the December 4, 2021 botched Army operations in Oting-Tiru area of Mon district. The State police’ probe found that the Special Force Operation team had not followed the Standard Operating Procedure and the Rules of Engagement and resorted to indiscriminate and disproportionate firing leading to immediate killing of six civilians and grievous injury to two more. DGP T John Longkumer said the probe was complete and the charge-sheet was submitted to the District and Sessions Court, Mon on May 30, 2022. 

June 10, 2022
Prime Minister Narendra Modi inspects the headquarters of the Indian National Space Promotion and Authorisation Centre (IN-SPACe) in Ahmedabad

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday (June 10) inaugurated the headquarters of IN-SPACe at Bopal, Ahmedabad. IN-SPACe will be the nodal agency, which will allow space activities and non-government private entities to use the Department of Space-related facilities. Its aim will be to ensure maximum private participation in the space sector. It will permit and oversee space activities including building of launch vehicles and satellites, as approved by the Union Cabinet in June 2020. It will also monitor the manufacturing, operation and control of spacecraft for registration as Indian Satellite and all the associated infrastructure for the same.

June 6, 2022

Union Home Minister Amit Shah will inaugurate the National Tribal Research Institute in Delhi on Tuesday (June 7). The Institute will design studies and programmes to improve socio-economic aspects of tribal lifestyles. The Union Tribal Affairs Ministry said the NTRI will be a premier national-level institute and will become the nerve centre of tribal concerns, issues and matters in academic, executive and legislative fields.  It will collaborate and network with reputed research institutes, universities, organizations as well as academic bodies and resource centres. The NTRI will monitor projects of Tribal Research Institutes, Centres of Excellence, and research scholars and set up norms for improvement in the quality of research and training.  It will also provide policy inputs to the Ministry of Tribal Affairs and state welfare departments.

June 2, 2022

A petition has been filed in the Supreme Court by a resident of Jharkhand seeking direction to the Centre and State governments to abolish the Chotanagpur Tenancy (CNT) and Santhal Pargana Tenancy (SPT) Acts which restrict the sale of tribal land to non-tribals. The petitioner said by the CNTA and SPTA even the government can’t acquire the land for the purpose of development. “The Acts prove to be disastrous for the public at large for state,” the plea said adding the governments should bring out a new legislature for the purpose of equity at par with other States of the Union.

May 30, 2022

Jammu and Kashmir Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha on Monday (May 30) laid the foundation stones for projects worth over Rs 51 crore in Pulwama for the welfare of the tribal community.  He inaugurated a Model Tribal Transit Residential School, girls’ hostel and 18 other projects for the community. “Between 1976 and 2020, only 26 hostels were established for tribal students while 37 new hostels will be added by 2023. In the last 21 months, steps have been taken to ensure empowerment of all marginalised and weaker groups. Never before have tribal community prospects been as bright as they are today. Forest Rights Act, PM Van Dhan Yojna, healthcare, transport facility, hostels, tourist villages, skill development — every initiative has been aimed at ensuring progress of J-K in an equitable, fair and just manner,” he said.

May 27, 2022

Union Minister for Tribal Affairs, Arjun Munda has said that the practice of growing medicinal plants and preparing herbal medicines should be given the shape of livelihood mission especially in tribal areas abounding in the species. He held a meeting with Acharya Balkrishna, MD & Co-Founder of Patanjali Yogpeeth, and his team at Shastri Bhawan on Thursday (May 26) to review the progress of partnership between the Ministry and Patanjali in the area of tribal welfare and development. Patanjali has partnered with the Ministry under the “Financial Assistance for Support to Centres of Excellence (CoE) Scheme” of the Ministry. So far, Patanjali has experience of documenting 65,000 plants and has worked with 200 tribal communities as a whole, the team informed.

May 23, 2022

A 16-year-old tribal boy was apprehended on Sunday (May 22) for assaulting a tribal school girl, the video of which went viral and based on which Jharkhand Chief Minister Hemant Soren had directed the police to investigate and take appropriate action. The girl was seen in uniform and carrying a school bag. While the girl is a student of a school in the Pakur district, the boy, a student of Class 9, is from Dumka district. “The Dumka Police is now carrying out further investigation into the case,” Pakur SP Hrudeep P Janardhanan said.

May 20, 2022

The three-day 11th National Tribal Dance Festival, 2022, organised by the Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe Research Training Institute, Bhubaneswar, with support from the Union Ministry of Tribal Affairs,  kickstarted on Thursday (May 19) in Odisha’s capital. The event will have 30 colourful dance forms of 20 tribal communities. The Festival gives a glimpse of dance tradition of tribal India. Different states like Assam, Manipur, Mizoram, Sikkim, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Goa and Odisha are participating in the fest.

May 16, 2022

Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan has ordered the constitution of a Special Investigation Team (SIT) to probe the incident of lynching of two tribals by a mob of cow vigilantes about a fortnight ago in Seoni district. The SIT has been asked to submit its report within 10 days. The Chief Minister also ordered the transfer of Seoni SP Kumar Prateek from the tribal-dominated district and directed the removal of the entire staff of Kurai Police Station and Badalpur Police Outpost in the district, under whose jurisdiction the incident occurred.

May 6, 2022

The National Human Rights Commission on Friday (May 6) sought an action taken report from the Seoni district authorities in Madhya Pradesh in connection with the “lynching” of two tribals by a group of people over suspicion of cow slaughter. The NHRC took action in the case after a complaint by a well-known human rights activist Radhakanta Tripathy.  The two Gond tribals, Dhansa Invati (50 years) and Sampat Lalby (45 years), were allegedly beaten to death  by a mob of 20 people over allegation of cow slaughter on May 2.

May 2, 2022
The Indian Tribal News | Jharkhand Chief Minister Hemant Soren is in some serious trouble

The Election Commission on Monday (May 2) sent notice to Jharkhand Chief Minister Hemant Soren asking him to explain why action should not be taken against him for having a mine lease issued in his favour, which prima facie violates Section 9A of the R. P. Act. Section 9A deals with disqualification for govt contracts.

April 27, 2022

Shocking details have emerged from a door-to-door survey conducted by the Integrated Child Development Scheme Commissionerate in Maharashtra’s 16 tribal dominated districts. It has found that as many as 6,582 tribal children died due to malnourishment between 2019-20 and 2021-22. In fact, 601 cases involved parents who were victims of child marriage and the mothers were minors. The report also revealed that 15,253 child marriages were performed across Maharashtra in 1,33,863 tribal households during the same timeframe. 

April 25, 2022
The Indian Tribal | Bhubaneswar, The annual Adivasi Mela (Tribal Fair)

Odisha Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik on Saturday (April 23) inaugurated the 10-day annual adivasi mela in Bhubaneswar. The fair is being held after two years due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Patnaik said, “The ‘Adivasi Mela and National Tribal Art & Craft Exhibition’ is the best platform to strengthen the tribal economy of the state  The mela is no more an event in the state, but a tradition. It gives tribals an opportunity to sell their products at an appropriate price.” As many as 187 stalls have been put up at the exhibition, being held at IDCO exhibition Ground.

April 19, 2022

The Odisha government on Tuesday (Arpil 19) announced a bonus of Rs 120 crore for the welfare of Kendu-leaf pluckers, mostly tribal women, of the State. In a statement, the Chief Minister’s Office said, the bonus would benefit around 8 lakh Kendu-leaf pluckers, binders, and other seasonal staff associated with the work. The Naveen Patnaik government has also increased the collection price of Kendu leaves for 2022. This will help 7.50 lakh people to earn an additional income of Rs 240 crore.

April 15, 2022

A tribal girl has been gang-raped in West Bengal’s Birbhum district by at least five men when she was returning home from a village fair.The incident took place when the minor and her boyfriend were coming back from a Charak Mela at Adityapur in Santiniketan police station area on Thursday night. The girl is undergoing treatment at Bolpur Sub-divisional Hospital and police is seeking her help to draw sketches of the accused.

April 11, 2022
The Indian Tribal

A tribal woman, Manjulata Kanhar, has been elected deputy mayor of the Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation (BMC). Kanhar, who completed her MA in political science from Sambalpur University, was elected uncontested as none from her party, the BJD, or any other party filed nominations for the post.   

April 6, 2022

Parliament on Wednesday (April 6) passed the Constitution (Scheduled Tribes) Order (Amendment) Bill-2022 for the inclusion of the Darlong community as a sub-tribe of Kuki  in the list of Scheduled Tribes of Tripura.  Speaking on the bill in the Upper House, which passed the legislation through voice vote, Minister of State for Tribal Affairs Renuka Saruta said the inclusion of the Darlong community as a sub-tribe of Kuki will give it an identity in the ST list of Tripura.  Kuki is one of the main tribal communities in Northeast India and the Darlong community in Tripura will become its 18th sub-tribe.

April 1, 2022

The Lok Sabha on Friday passed the Constitution (Scheduled Tribes) Order (Amendment) Bill, 2022, to include Gond, Dhuria, Nayak, Ojha, Pathari and Rajgond communities of Uttar Pradesh living in the four newly-created districts of Sant Kabir Nagar, Kushinagar, Chandauli and Sant Ravidas Nagar in the list of Scheduled Tribes in the state. The bill also seeks to exclude the Gond community living in these four districts from the list of Scheduled Castes.

March 29, 2022

The Visakhapatnam District Police’ ‘Spoorty’ programme has borne results for the third consecutive year. As many as 56 tribal youth from the interior parts of Visakhapatnam Agency and trained by the district police have successfully cleared the written test for recruitment in different paramilitary such as CRPF, ITBP, CISF and BSF.  Spoorty’ was initiated about three years ago by the district police to bridge the gap in employability skills. This year the police received close to about 3,800 applications at various police stations in the 11 tribal mandals of Visakhapatnam Agency.

March 22, 2022

The Haryana Assembly on Tuesday (March 22) passed the Haryana Prevention of Unlawful Conversion of Religion Bill, 2022. As per the Bill, whoever converts or attempts to convert a minor, a woman or a person belonging to the Scheduled Castes or Scheduled Tribes, shall be punished with imprisonment for a term which shall not be less than four years, which may extend to 10 years and liable to fine not less than Rs 3 lakh. Similar Bills in the recent past have been passed in the BJP-ruled state, including Himachal Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh.

March 20, 2022

Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M K Stalin has written to Prime Minister Narendra Modi urging him to include Narikoravar, a nomadic tribal group and one of the most deprived and vulnerable communities of the State, in the list of Scheduled Tribes (ST) and fulfill the long-standing demand of the people belonging to the community. The community’s traditional occupation is hunting and it is, at present, included in the list of Most Backward Classes. Stalin pointed out that the Ministry of Tribal Affairs had informed in 2013 that the Registrar General of India had also agreed to the proposal for their inclusion in the list of STs in Tamil Nadu. The Lokur Committee and the Joint Committee of Parliament had also recommended their inclusion in 1965 and 1967 respectively, he said.

March 19, 2022

The Kerala SC & ST Development Department’s tribal festival ‘Gadhika 2022’ will be held at the tribal complex in Foreshore Road on Saturday and Sunday. An exhibition-cum-sale fest will be held as part of the festival to find out the market for traditional products and protect the tribal art forms. The festival will be held from 10 am to 7pm.

March 9, 2022
The Indian Tribal

Madhya Pradesh Finance Minister Jagdish Devda on Wednesday presented a ₹2, 79, 237 crore Budget with no new taxes. He announced that a Tribal Development Corporation will be constituted to provide new job opportunities to tribals. Madhya Pradesh, which goes to polls in 2023, is the largest state of the country in terms of tribal population constituting 21.1 percent of the State’s total population of 7.26 crore.

March 9, 2022
The Indian Tribal

Chhattisgarh Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel tabled a Rs 1, 04, 000-crore budget for the 2022-23 fiscal year. Among others, the Budget announced budgetary allocation for setting up a Mallakhamba Academy in Narayanpur district to hone the skills of tribals in the sport. Mallakhamba is a traditional sport with players performing gymnastic skills or aerial yoga on a wooden pole. A provision of Rs 2.83 crore has been made. This apart, tribal priests in schedule areas too have been brought under the ambit of the Rajiv Gandhi Bhumihin Nyay Yojana.

March 4, 2022

Life expectancy is, on an average, about four years shorter in Adivasis, three years shorter in Dalits and around a year shorter in Muslims compared with higher caste Hindus. The shorter life expectancy for Adivasis and Dalits is like the Black-White gap in the US and the Arab-Jew gap in Israel, according to a study published by US-based Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

March 1, 2022

Jharkhand Chief Minister Hemant Soren has ordered an inquiry into the alleged flogging of a 42-year-old tribal man Anil Singh by the Latehar district police for ‘dropping off Maoists’ in the forest area. The pictures of flogging did the rounds on social media. The victim, who claimed to be a farmer, was allegedly picked up in the intervening night of February 23 and 24 by the Garu police in Latehar district and beaten up severely.

February 26, 2022
The Indian Tribal

The first tribal Chief Minister of Odisha, Hemananda Biswal, passed away on Friday evening (February 25). The 82-year-old former Chief Minister and veteran Congress leader was admitted to the hospital on February 8 for treatment of pneumonia and septic shock with multi-organ dysfunction. He served as the CM twice but only for identical brief periods of three months each — first from December 7, 1989 to March 3, 1990 and then a decade later for the second time, from December 6, 1999 to March 5, 2000. He also served as the Deputy Chief Minister when JB Patnaik was the Chief Minister.

February 24, 2022

The Supreme Court on Thursday (February 24) directed the Centre to file an affidavit on the contemporaneous data that is available to the government along with “application of mind” on data for providing reservation in promotion to Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes in government jobs. The top court had, on January 28, refused to “lay down any yardstick” saying determination of their inadequate representation is the discretion of the State.

February 23, 2022

The tribals of Nagada, under Sukinda block in Jajpur district of Odisha, voted for the first time on Tuesday (February 22) at their villages in the rural polls, made possible by the construction of roads and opening of polling booths in the area. Two tribal women, Anjali Deuri and Subhdra Tiu, are contesting against each other for the post of the Sarpanch of Chingudipal gram panchayat. The Nagada hillock is home to the primitive Juang tribe and the nearest polling booth was 14 km away. It was in the news six years ago due to malnutrition-related deaths of 22 children.


February 16, 2022

Union Minister for Social Justice and Empowerment, Dr. Virendra Kumar, on Wednesday (February 16) launched the Scheme for Economic Empowerment of DNTs (SEED) for the welfare of De-notified, Nomadic and Semi Nomadic Communities. Educational empowerment — Free coaching to students from these communities for Civil Services, entry to professional courses like medicine, engineering, MBA, etc; Health Insurance through PMJAY of National Health Authority; Livelihoods to support income generation, and Housing (through PMAY/IAY) are its four components.

February 11, 2022

The special court for SC/ST cases in Mannarkkad in Kerala will hear the Madhu murder case on February 18. The hearing was advanced due to the intervention of the Kerala High Court. Earlier, the case was scheduled for March 26. The case pertains to the lynching of Adivasi youth Madhu of Chindaki in Attappadi. The incident occurred nearly four years ago. 

February 8, 2022
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Union Tribal Affairs Minister Arjun Munda on Tuesday moved The Constitution (SC and ST) order (Amendment) Bill, 2022 in the Rajya Sabha to remove Bhogta caste from the list of Scheduled Castes and include it in the list of Scheduled Tribes in Jharkhand.

February 5, 2022

The Conrad Sangma regime has enhanced the upper age limit for General candidates to 32 years and to 37 years for Scheduled Castes & Scheduled Tribes for entering the Meghalaya Government services.

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Individual ethnic groups are notified as Scheduled Tribes as per Census 2011
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